Friday, June 26, 2009


Talk of the week: Derek’s ‘little brother’(inside joke ;D)

if you wanna know what it is, ask me!

hah! one would wonder what i am doing back here after just updating less than a week ago, but like what i’ve said before.i’m really trying to update this blog of mine more frequently.trying at least ;)

anyways, celebrated father’s day at this japanese buffet named Tenji last week.the food was just so-so but it was definitely better than jogoya’s cause it’s still new i guess.

as usual, picture time!i don’t really feel like writing much these days.



the entrance




undeniably one of my all time favorite food ;)


stone face brother!


eldest bro and I.


sick load of sashimi.awesome much!


sisters which can be awesome yet annoying and demanding at times


tempuras and some soft sell crab thingy


see anything wrong in the pic above?


raw seafood.not really my sort of thing though


the desert section


this was one heck of a dish i tell you!it was some kind of chicken stuffed with ham.bloody delicious!


such awesome photography skills i have :) hahhhhh!


my awesome dad and I =DDDD

on a random note, does anyone else feels that torres looks like the actor from the upcoming movie, bruno? torres better not dress up like him though (:

here’s a picture of the both of be the judge!


fyi, this guy plays a gay fashion reporter in the upcoming movie.


so, what’s your verdict on this?

Saturday, June 20, 2009


YESSSS! the title says it all. i have not been blogging for way too long :((((( sad case, i first i thought i’d be updating like hell during the 2 weeks break.but oh well, you know how sometimes things does not go as planned and all, no?

I’ve had too much fun during the i can’t basically share everything here.but i’m gonna write about the church camp though.cause i felt it was bloody ‘cun‘.

i’d let the pictures do the talking this time though :) all credits to samson’s super awesome dslr.


the arrival. as soon as we arrived we went to check out the bball court first.normal guy stuff ;D


the name tags.


the camp group names.all credits to adrienne for editing this awesome piece.


boys being boys trying to recapture the memories of yesteryears.


first group meeting i suppose =D


the first game we played where we had to stand up without using our is not as easy as it sounds i tell you.



first bball session we was not that fun cause it was freaking hot.


heh this is one heck of an awesome picture, at least i think so ;)


ah check that out, only a dslr can manage to capture such detailed facial expressions.



riding the banana boat for the very first time.and all i say is that it’s freakishy awesome.especially when we fall.


boat 2.the not-so-heavy-one


Jon was ‘the man’ of the moment


the view of the ocean during sunset.


umm check out ivan’s yummy body as he puts it.


a 2-on 2 beach futsal thingy. kinda awesome.Jon just missed a sitter back there, that explains why he looks so shocked in this pic :)


group photo.can’t really see everyone’s faces clearly though.ah i don't really have much pics of the 2nd and 3rd i can't post that much first.

ah i guess the camp was pretty fun although the place was kinda old and hot.i feel we all really bonded among each other during the period of this camp especially when we prank called hou thin's was freaking hilarious at that time.his mum was like blur and all

before i sign off, i have something awesome to share with you guys :)


hah!wanna know why this picture’s awesome?it’s because tim & i were both wearing united jerseys.sweeeeeeeeeeeeet shit!


matt came back two weeks ago and he sort of like met up with the was good meeting up with him again. that guy has not changed a single bit i tell you still jokes the same way and all ;D

p/s: i actually feel like blogging about Jamie's awesome party, but it was like so long ago, nvm.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Awesome shit :)

Found this on the net and thought it’d be a sin if i don’t share it here :D so i decided to blog about it. For those of you who don’t watch football, that’s Cristiano Ronaldo from united anyways.

Now, here’s the totally WTF picture!

ah!the look of utter surprise on his face is totally priceless :) and this is undoubtedly a classic case of penis envy, guys. hahaha!

Just to make things clearer, the guy with the huge ‘thing’ sticking out is apparently Park and this was taken before last year’s champions league final against chelsea.



I’m using windows writer for the first time here, and  HELL it’s so much more convenient and fast.maybe this would encourage me to blog more frequently, hmp who knows? =D

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Football gets my adrenaline pumping..

..all thanks to Totthenham FC
for allowing us to pull a dramatic comeback from 2-0 down to win 5-2
in your face scousers!
this is why we are champions :)

Hell, I am completely aware that I'm a useless blogger. I've been neglecting this once very dear blog of mine for such a bloody long time that i even had trouble trying to remember the password for it just now. Anyway, a lot has happened between the period of time i last updated this blog to now.but being the usual lazy me, I'm just gonna jumble everything up in this one very long post =D hopefully..

Ok, so this is how the list goes :

1. Church camp with Zheng Yew's church.had trouble talking to them though cause most of them spoke in chinese.i guess i don't have to remind u guys that i'm a banana here eh? )= but wth i still had fun cause i bonded with Joel, Zheng Yew, Eu Jin, Shen Ler and some juniors from school :) plus, I also got to know some new friends along the process too.and heck their version of the song Free was was like freaking fast, right joel?

2. A trip to Bukit Kiara with Wee Cherng and his to know Jamie and Leon there and they're both really kind people.and also not forgetting Suan Yean too, we once went to a camp together but I don't really remember talking to her then =p it was great getting to know them I guess! haha while we were in the boys toilet, we sang a lot of stupid songs and the feeling was great.well, I had lots of fun there actually.but like what i wrote up there, I'm just too lazy to write everything out here.

3. Went to the very first I.U of my entire life which is Wesley's.yes, i know I'm a lousy interactor here but neh, who cares =D hmp the I.U itself was pretty dull, no offence because the speeches were lengthy and uninspiring.but the dance and short skit was pretty enjoyable.guess the best of all was the fact that i got to meet up with people who i don't really meet frequently.

4. Paroimia by FGA KL.went there with Wai Yih and was kinda fun actually but i didn't like it when i was there, cause basically i was sweating like **** and the seat was rather uncomfortable and hot.

5. Celebrated Easter at church.ah, kinda regretted for not joining choir particularly because i skipped church alot.haha but nonetheless, the fellowship we had that day was still fun.owh yea, and not forgetting Shaun got baptised too :)

The youths of Cheras Baptist 09. this is just half of it actually.

P/S: To you readers out there, tune in sometime around this week for more.cause i just found out a few of my friends tagged me and i find this one rather interesting compared to the usual boring ones.hmp so i guess i'd be doing it :D

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still top of the league and that's a FACT...

...screw you snobbish SCOUSERS! we're still gonna beat u to the title.

cause I only say things that i know will happen :)

HAHAHA.first of all..I have some people who said this blog of mine is dead.YOU'RE WRONG BACKKKKK!in fact, just by looking at my can actually conclude that this is a dead blog. but believe trying really hard to update it on a weekly basis.LOL!and yea, no spamming in my cbox please :D

anyways did ANYONE struggle to get their way out of bed on sunday morning?

I for once did.cause it's really hard for a die-hard united fan like me to accept defeat at the hands of liverpool.a defeat is me when i say this.because in football, only one team can win.but not when they play at Old Trafford and with liverpool winning by a margin of 3 goals, gerrard scoring at stretford end, looking at our own player being red carded. NO!trust me.that itself in reality is too harsh for any united fan to accept.if only i were to watch the game live i might have even teared.

I just saw the highlights of the game just now.and honestly speaking, liverpool deserved to win.but like what Sir Bobby Charlton, the great united legend has said.this might actually be a blessing in disguise for to all the united fans out there.let's forget this and not be ashamed of the final result, alright? we will start picking up the wins.and look at the bright side.4 points up front with a game in, that's a better position we're in compared to the bunch of lowly scousers there isn't it?

and doesn't that just goes to show how good united is compared to liverpool?

-Always a RED :D